We connect people through extraordinary themes, enthusiastically creating inspiring conferences that remain in the memory

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We are a globally operating scientific and technology conference organizing company with a focus on European, Asia- Pacific and America markets. Our expertise ranges from production, management and delivery of highest quality scientific and technological conferences. Together with the academic collaborations and industry experts we major in sectors such as life sciences, medical sciences, pharmaceuticals and professional development, utilities providing you with first-hand information and great networking possibilities. Our goal is creating summits for world changers with friendly environment for comprehending knowledge and empowering scientific communities.


We creating a platform, two- or three-day conferences, summits, virtual, and Hybrid meetings where academia and companies meet and exchange ideas. Through interactive features of the events like panel discussions, networking sessions, luncheons, dinners participants and companies that come together on the events are able to create academic collaborations and business relations that will enable them to benchmark both, when it comes to technical knowledge, but also business operations.

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The profile of the attendee is carefully picked which ensures only experts and decision makers from the industry meet and exchange thoughts. Our goal is creating summits for world changers with friendly environment for comprehending knowledge and securing business. We are partners for our scientists. We offer our services with pride and passion. We listen. We act on your ideas, develop them further, and implement them effectively. For us, providing advice also means being critical in order to keep your best interests in mind. We know our capabilities but also our limits. We boldly face whatever challenges come our way. We assist scientists by welcoming to present their published or unpublished work and provide the setting to present their work at conferences. We offer top notch conference management services and bring transparency into scientific quality assurance. We provide the opportunity for interaction and networking amongst scientists worldwide.


The Proxima group is committed to sustainable events, working with several associations to achieve their sustainability goals. As a global company, we wish to be able to give something back. Our Corporate Social Responsibility helps us administer our business processes in a way that positively impacts society and the world

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